Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grown Up Stuff vs Gyaru Stuff

So I'm really happy about my new job. I'm one of three administrative assistants (one is my manager) for a non-profit social services company than has 6 groups homes and 1 emergency shelter for kids. It makes me feel good to finally work for an organization that is making people's lives better.

Anyway, since I was out of work for a while, being a SAHM on a budget meant only ordering my magazines once per season (Happi Nuts, Blenda, I Love Mama, and sometimes Ranzuki). Now that I'm gainfully employed, I can go back to monthly purchasing. I'm pretty happy about that. I still have to spend money on grown up things (my share of the mortgage, taxes, bills, and baby items), but now there will be more money left over for me things. I'll still do nail designs myself, but there will be more consistent trips to the salon in my future.While I can do hair, nails and make-up myself, it's way more relaxing to just pay someone else to do it sometimes. Woo hoo.

And shopping. Oh shopping how I've missed you. My wardrobe has become OL-kei with gyaru finishes. I think I will be better at combining them with more pieces in my arsenal. I'll be posting photos again before you know it!

In the meantime, my lunch break is over. Time to dig back into my mountains upon mountains of paperwork.

Me (*^_^*)

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