Friday, January 14, 2011

Back at It

Hey guys. I'm sooo sorry for being MIA. It's been crazy busy here to a seriously tiring degree.
1. New house and renovations
2. New job and lots of training
3. New fitness plan and better nutrition tracking
... And the usual wife/mom stuff

I'm so exhausted. I'm taking public transit to work till I get my own car in a week or two. Dude! My commute is 2 HOURS. Two. Dos. 二. Zwei. It sucks.
When I have my own car it'll be cut in half. But by then my training will likely be over and I'll be in a different location.

Off topic: this girl on the bus is gonna yell at me if I keep looking at her. She just looks like she should be a black model in ranzuki or Happie Nuts. Seriously. She may not know she's ganguro, but she is. I actually think she does know because she is rockin all the right trends-- well save for the floral leggings, but even they were trend in the summer. I just don't like them. She's got the makeup correct though her lipgloss could be a little more neutral. She's got the high boots, fur hat and military coat on. Big accessories and an animal bag.

She reminds me that now that I'm working I can shop, shop, shop without feeling guilty.

Anyway. I will be posting more frequently now that I'm a little more settled in life. Missed you all. Time to read up on what everyone is up to!!!

Shout out to Miss Calia Yang for being sweet (hope your holidays went well)... And to Madiha for winning the giveaway and being awesome.

Me (*^_^*)

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